Concert Bookings: Joanie Mosby

Manager / Agent

Joanie started her career in hotel management with a degree in communications from Loyola University. She has been an avid supporter of the arts and artists she believes in and studied Agent Management @ Berklee College of Music.

Region: East Coast, West Coast, Midwest


Todd Ferris Mosby

Composer/ Guitarist

Todd is well studied having has been involved in the Music industry for the past 30 years graduating Berklee College of Music with a diploma in composition, Fontbonne University with a BA in Music Business/BS in Business Administration and Webster University with an MM in Composition.

He has worked at the local, regional and national levels in composition for television, theater, dance companies and feature films. He has performed concerts in the finest clubs, festivals, theaters and performing arts centers.


PR & Media Promotions: Deblaze & Associates

Director Public Relations

Specializing in the entertainment industry with a focus on jazz, Dawn creates awareness, influences public attitudes and changes behavior. She concentrates on entertainment media campaigns, serving as a match-maker between organizational messages, the media and their audiences. Overall, she's helped our reputation soar to new heights!

Great at building traction in familiar and uncharted territories, Deblaze & Associates is all about passionate public relations. From digital media releases, to print, radio and television, Mosby Music'c media presence has never been stronger.

Broadcast and Promotion


  • Imaginary Road Studios
  • Will Ackerman / Tom Eaton
  • Call (207) 929-5777 between 8:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. EST, Monday - Friday.