Todd Mosby Acoustic Guitar

From The Heartland of America!



Want to hear Indian music on guitar the way George Harrison may have envisioned?

Todd Mosby East By Midwest features performances on an amazing new instrument, the imrat Guitar: a 20 stringed hybrid sitar guitar, along with acoustic guitar altered tunings. Listeners are drawn into a musical world which is ancient yet contemporary.

Adaptations of familiar tunes by the Beatles, James Taylor and select artists from the 60's and 70's constitute half the performance alongside ancient north Indian ragas, Jazz standards and acoustic Blues favorites are woven strategically throughout the set.

Mosby brings a rich cultural mix to your audiences with knowledge and virtuosity grounded in the traditions of Jazz, Folk and Classical North Indian music. A Berklee College of Music Alumni and senior disciple of the esteemed Ustadt Imrat Khan, Mosby is the real deal.

A seasoned jazz guitarist, Mosby seamlessly melds the jazz, Indian and folk genres into a unique musical voice.

“Todd Mosby is a guitarist’s guitarist whose exceptional compositional sensibilities and impeccable playing technique create one of the most compelling albums I’ve heard in a while. Todd’s skills as an arranger are inspired. “ - Michael Diamond, Media & Focus

"Todd Mosby incorporates more influences into his composition and performance on guitar than anyone I’ve ever worked with and he doesn’t just dabble in those influences; he masters them." - Will Ackerman, founder Windham Hill Records