Sonic Cleanse

Sonic cleanse is a term I use for smoothing out vibrational fields caused by rifts in frequency. This is done by directing musical the force thru specially designed compositions, ancient rags, lights and crystals.

The compositions also enhance and strengthen and massage those frequencies which are particularly strong to give a prolonged heightened sense of overall spiritual well being.

Music operates on this level to various degrees any way, contingent on the skills and ability of the performer/composer. In other words, the more skilled and trained the musician in a particular field, the easier it is for a shift to take place.

Ever had your hair stand on end or felt a physical chill run thru your body as a result of listening to a beautiful piece of music? It is a common occurrence found in inspiring music and one way in which vibration has a physical affect thru sound and the musical force.


Below is a channeled description of the vibrational cleanse, music, setting and possible benefits to each listener/light worker:

A Sonic Cleanse is a beneficial life force attunement to bring about positive inflection of source DNA for the purposes of sustaining and transmuting personal long term frequency alignment thru the use of the musical force.

Includes DNA structural adjustment as well as perfection of the inner violet light frequencies to assist, align and elevate light workers on their sojourns.

Work includes soul essence clarification and core vibrational therapy as well as moving the musical force through out the physical body and soul essence vibratory interaction.

The use of incense (smell), colored lights (sight), sound (hearing) and crystal (communication) combine to create a full, multi dimensional, multi layered experience.

Instrument of choice is Guitar and a specially designed 20 stringed instrument called the Imrat Guitar (hybrid sitar/guitar). Various note combinations used from ancient rags create mood and vibratory fields necessary to affect cleanse. Harmonic motion sets up a platform for change and continuos spiral interaction.

Any one within relational distance to this sonic zone will be effected at some level. Compositions and rags were created to move the musical sonic force thru the body and elevate the soul. Bring a blanket for laying shavasana on the floor.

This practice has been in effect for the past four years with work in the cancer wards of the various siteman treatment centers located in and around the St. Louis region.