• Webster University, St. Louis, Mo - 2013, MM Music Composition
  • Fontbonne College - St. Louis MO - 1992, B.S. Music Business, B.S. Business Administration, Minor in Communications.
  • Berklee College of Music, Boston, Mass - 1979, Diploma Composition/Arranging

Berklee College of Music: Training & Certification

  • 2014 Film Scoring
  • 2013 Arranging
  • 2013 Jazz Composition
  • 2013 Adv. Guitar Improvisation
  • 2012 Improvisation
  • 2014 Acoustic Guitar
  • 2012 Blues Guitar

Skidmore College, NY: Jazz Ensemble Educational Certification

  • Comprehensive application of traditional jazz performance & rehearsal techniques as applied to small jazz ensembles with leaders in the field including: Milton Hinton, Ed Shaughnessy, Dick Katz & Vince Martin among others. Visiting artists were Barry Harris and Rufus Reid.
  • Private studies with Milt Hinton

Private Studies

Classical North Indian Raga: Ustadt Imrat Khan:

  • Extensive study of Alap, Jhor, Ghat & Jhala as apllied to key rags from the Imdhad Khani Gharana.
  • Philosophy and history North Indian as applied to classical North Indian Music.
  • Musicianship Skills including: pulling of mean, gykayan, development of tans, left hand/right hand training, 1-2 finger techniques.
  • Note sequencing & movement thru specific ragas along with accompanying characteristic phrases.
  • Concert performance format

Composition: Dr. Roland Jordan

  • Composition for contemporary percussion ensemble with extensive use and application of graphic score technique.
  • Composition for small chamber groupings and solo guitar and piano works based on set theory complex.
  • Extensive study and application of structural and atonal devices based on the Allen Fort's set theory complex for atonal music.

Guitar: Improvisation & Stylistic Development

  • Gary Burton: adv. concepts in improvisation & comping
  • Rick Peckham: adv. chord theory & soloing
  • Bruce saunders: adv. guitar theory & improvisation
  • David Newsam: classical guitar techniques
  • Norm Zocher: acoustic guitar techniques
  • Dan Bowden: acoustic blues & pedal theory
  • Michael Williams: electric blues gt
  • Fareed Haque: technical skills & therory
  • Rick Haydon: traditional jazz & time
  • Rob Block: chord theory and development
  • Jim Kelly: practical guitar application