Workshop Level II: Acoustic Guitar For Contemporary Players

Mosby has cracked the code for a systematic approach to developing acoustic guitar technique. Acoustic Guitar For Contemporary Players Level II expands on critical concepts covered in the first workshop. Knowledge is key to creative expansion allowing guitarists and songwriters full access to their creative capabilities for today’s music.

Level II takes the open-position GCFDAE chords to the next level. All major, major7, dominant 7, minor, minor 7 shapes are explored and put to practical work and get to the really cool sounds which are a part of the guitar palette. Barre chords and their inter-relationships to open-position chords are built upon for quick learning and physical deployment.

Moveable scales based on GCFDAE open chord forms along with a methodical approach to technical exercises increase fluency, counting, fingerboard note memorization and overall musical skills. Pentatonic scales and their applications in Blues are taught as well.

A unique, quick and enlightened approach Modern Chord Theory is introduced along with practical application. Diatonic and modal interchange theory will change the way you harmonize your songs and create new ones. The practice progressions and tunes in the back, have many examples for performance practice and analysis purposes.