Workshop: Guitar Rigs & Pedal Boards

Having a command of the skills needed to get the most from your guitar, amp and pedal board rig is essential to any contemporary guitarist serious about their sound.

A look into the common characteristics found in classic tube amps and acoustic guitar amps as well as the characteristic woods found in the classic electric and acoustic guitars opens this clinic.

An examination of the four effect groups; gain based, modulation based, ambient based and filter based as well as their common order is then explored. In addition, the most common order of placement in the pedal chain and a look at each individual processing effect is then explored.

Last we will study the pedal board rigs common to the blues, rock, jazz, country and pop genres of music in order to get a more convincing sound for each style.

By the end of the seminar you will be able to understand the factors that determine a guitar and amplifier's tonal characteristics, identify how effects are categorized, combined and how each pedal works to process your sound.

Printed handouts and live demos are used to deliver information.