Guest: Speaker & Composer In Residence

Todd will come and be a featured guest composer/lecturer to set either his current CD arrangements for On Eagle Mountain on student ensembles for a live performance, or one of his hybrid compositions dealing with the improvisational fusion of Indian raga and Traditional Jazz in a world music context. This is a unique way to explore compositional structure as a basis for improvisational frame work in real time.

Typical lecture includes:

  • Charted arrangements of compositions from current CD
  • Discussion of inner and outer form as basis for structural improv.
  • Scales, ragas and note choices
  • alap and rubato introductions
  • Ensemble cohesion and overall group dynamic

Mosby also works with new music and chamber ensembles in an educational setting as well as a community setting for offering new works in the field of choir, chamber orchestra, string quartet and symphonic works.

Works of this nature include:

  • Eagle Mountain for full orchestra
  • Theme & Variation in 6 Parts for string quartet
  • Indigo Glow: In two parts for new music ensemble
  • Music In Motion: for chamber orchestra