Comparative Study In Raga & Jazz Improvisational Forms


A comparative analysis between the similarities, differences, developments and advancements of improvisational instrumental found in North India and North America. In depth analysis of the Raga and the Jazz forms as a base for improvisation.

Mosby is one of a handful of musicians capable of translating the connections between India, western musics roots and its development in America.

His years of private study and performances with Ustadt Imrat Khan, a living legend of Classical North Indian music, as well as studies at Berklee College of Music, research at Webster University and 20 years performance experience as a top flight performer of Indian and Jazz music gives Todd unique insights into the workings of these two great improvisational art forms.

As the personal guest lecturer of Ustadt Imrat Khan at Washington University for over six years, Mosby delivers lectures which engage, educate and entertain students and connoisseurs at all levels.

Topics Covered

  • Classical North Indian music and western music: historical overview
  • Scales used; similarities and differences
  • Rhythmic structures; similarities and differences
  • Solfege and Surgam; treatment of the mean.
  • Improvisation: outer form; overall structural considerations
  • Improvisation: inner form; internal note choice considerations
  • Historical perspective on instrument design in relation to musical advancement.